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A Digital Transformation Company

GreenMEA is a 100+ professionals leading digital transformation company that is experienced in designing, developing, and implementing integrated technology solutions for several sectors including manufacturing industries, oil &gas, healthcare, banking industry, transportation, supply chain, precise agriculture, and livestock management. GreenMEA has a presence in Egypt (5 branches), the Africa region and the GCC region through branches and partners that are distributed over the region. The company focuses on a managed economy culture using appropriate technologies that pave the way to a cost-effective operation with a positive effect on our environment. Fuel vapors are not reduced by renewables only. Consumption could be reduced if we manage to make our process more effective, more efficient, more productive, and cost-effective. If we manage well our daily process, we can introduce a new virtual plant to our environment. we have a factory plant-based in the 10th of Ramadan industry zone, Egypt with a production capacity of 1,500,000 parts per month in addition to operations that is a mix between make to order (MTO), engineer to order (ETO) and make to stock (MTS) strategies in addition to a plan for another plant under construction in KSA, Yanbu region.


Why Choose Us


Becoming a world premier digital transformation company, transforming industries with integrated solutions that are cost-effective, high in quality and customer-fitting and easy use.


To invent and develop the next era of digital revolution to build and transform a new optimized and sustainable business world.


is based on supporting the green transformation with solutions that suit the needs, ensuring the achievement of the goal at the lowest cost and the fastest time.